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Chris was born in Chicago, but largely grew up in Perth, Western Australia. His father was a long-time subscriber to Astounding/Analog and other sf magazines and encouraged his early interest in sf. In 1989, Chris started a fanzine, Mumblings from Munchkinland*, in order to stay in touch with other fans whilst serving as an Australian Volunteer Abroad in Peshawar, Pakistan in the early 1990s. He married Megan (another AVA) and they have raised three talented and beautiful daughters -- Ella, Lauren and Ruby -- in Tasmania, Samoa, Fiji and, currently, Canberra, where Chris manages a science library. He has continued to pub his ish in these and other countries over the past 30 years, despite Megan’s pleas for him to get a life. He writes mainly about his family, their travels, and early Australian fan history. * Available on

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Saturday 1 August, 2020

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