Steve Davies

Steve attended his first convention at Novacon 8 in 1978. He became involved in running conventions from 1986 with Unicon 7, soon moving on to a succession of Eastercons starting with Contrivance in 1989 at the Hotel de France in Jersey. He was chair of the 1999 Eastercon, Reconvene, in Liverpool. In 1996, he and a group of equally crazy people started editing the fanzine Plokta, eventually winning a series of Nova awards and then the Hugo award for best fanzine in 2005 and 2006. He has also worked on a number of Worldcons, usually in Newsletter, Ops or Facilities. He thought he’d finally managed to get away from all this, and then he made the mistake of joining a conversation with Alison Scott in the bar at Novacon which ended up with him becoming deputy chair of Follycon.