5 December 2020, 8:00 - 5 December 2020, 23:59 EST

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Welcome to SMOFCon 37 1/4 

This is a small virtual event in lieu of the postponed SMOFCon 38. This virtual event is being put in place by the SMOFCon 38 Montreal (now 2022) and SMOFCon 39 Lisboa 2021 teams. 

SMOFCon is an annual convention for organisers of science-fiction and fantasy conventions, where there is a chance to share ideas, discuss solutions, and talk, learn and develop on matters relating to their passion for running conventions. 

This year we will have five Programme items. Three "Question Time" sessions for seated and future Worldcons and SMOFCons, a discussion on this year's pivot to virtual events and a chat with the chairs of CoNZealand. 

Joining is free but registration is required. 


Updated Code of Conduct is in "Documents" which can be accessed by scrolling to the bottom of this page or clicking here:
Code of Conduct

Updated Questionnaire for Question Time sessions are in "Documents". Scroll to bottom of this page or click on "Event Information" to access. Practice sessions are available upon request.

Times listed are for EST.
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SMOFCon 37 1/4

Event Starts: 5 December 2020, 8:00 EST
Event Ends: 5 December 2020, 23:59 EST