The INSIGHT Cornea Program, chaired by Dr. Bruce Jackson, consists of five modules developed by respected Canadian corneal specialists, Drs. K. Baig, C. Chan, J. Choremis, R. Ritenour, and G. Rocha, in partnership with the Canadian Ophthalmological Society and with an unrestricted grant from Allergan. INSIGHT is an accredited program developed after extensive consultations and a needs-assessment sent to ophthalmologists across Canada asking for topics they would like discussed in cornea and external disease.

Three topics were identified for development: Ocular Surface Disease, Corneal Ulcers, and Anterior Segment Lumps and Bumps. Because of the frequency and scope of corneal ulcers, three separate modules were developed around this topic– Bacterial, Viral (including Herpes and Adenovirus), and Immunologic – with and without systemic disease.

Ocular Surface Disease
Anterior Segment Lumps and Bumps
Corneal Ulcers – Immune
Corneal Ulcers – Bacterial
Corneal Ulcers – Viral

Each module discussion will last 90 minutes and will be centred around interactive cases rather than a didactic lecture. The participants will suggest diagnoses, investigations and treatment options. The group will have the option of exploring in greater detail any aspect of the workup, initial management, surgical options, and when to refer. At the end of the session, participating ophthalmologists will feel more confident identifying and dealing with any of the disorders discussed, be up to date with the latest information and know what they can handle on their own and when to refer to a corneal specialist.