The INSIGHT Glaucoma Program, Beyond the Evidence, is co-chaired by Dr. Andrew Crichton and Dr. Devesh Varma. It consists of four modules developed by respected Canadian glaucoma specialists, in partnership with the Canadian Ophthalmological Society and with an unrestricted grant from Allergan. INSIGHT Glaucoma – Beyond the Evidence is a Royal College accredited program, created after extensive consultations and a needs-assessment sent to ophthalmologists across Canada asking for topics they would like discussed in glaucoma.

Four topics were identified for development:

Although evidence-based medicine is clearly the gold standard in how glaucoma patients are managed, there are certain clinical situations for which there is either no or limited evidence available. The overall objective of the program was to reinforce what evidence is available and to offer guidance through interactive discussion in some of the challenging areas where evidence is lacking.

Each module will last 90 minutes and will be centred around interactive case presentations rather than didactic lecture. At the end of the sessions, participating ophthalmologists will feel more confident in managing the areas of glaucoma discussed.