Nilou Baradaran

McGill University
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Wednesday 30 August, 2017

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
3:50 PM
3:50 PM

Convention Center - 205 C

Symposium (Symp)

Alain Breuleux, McGill University (Participant)

Alain Breuleux, McGill University (Moderator)

Malcolm Reed, University of Bristol, UK (Participant)

Marta Kobiela, McGill University (Participant)

Gyeong Mi Heo, McGill University (Participant)

Stephanie Beck, McGill University (Participant)

Nilou Baradaran, McGill University (Participant)

Martijn van Schaik, Meester! onderwijs inzicht | Fontys University of Applied Sciences | NCOI University (Participant)

Scosha Merovitz, McGill University, Bishop's University (Participant)

Sophie Pinard, McGill University (Participant)

Cheryl Cantin, Eastern Townships School Board (Participant)

Terry Lin (Participant)

Hailey Iacono (Participant)

4:50 PM
4:50 PM

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