ABS285 - What is disruptive about disruptive behavior?

2.7 Other topics related to Theme 2
10:10 AM, Friday 1 Sep 2017 (20 minutes)
This paper discusses developments and changes in attitudes towards disruptive behavior within schools. Disruptive behavior and lack of school discipline have for decades been regarded as major issues in most educational systems. This article claims that recent neoliberal trends in most western educational systems with increased focus on student learning outcome are about to change the attitudes towards disruptive student behavior. This change originates from a belief that lack of school discipline and an abundance of disruptive behavior among students are to blame for reduced student learning outcome. Drawing on educational philosopher Gert Biesta, the paper claims that the outcome-based and neoliberal approach to education basically promotes an un-educational way of thinking about education that also influences perceptions of and tolerance towards all kinds of disruptions in schools.
University of Aalborg
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