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ABS256 - Concept of time and future in education in the context of Vygotsky's cultural-historical theory

1.3 Learning, knowledge and agency
10:10 AM, Friday 1 Sep 2017 (20 minutes)
The article discusses the problem that occurs in a context in relation to issues of cultural-historical theory about how possible to work with "future" in today's educational practices. 
1.The cultural-historical theory is based on the idea of development and is focused on working with the concept of future in teaching practice. In the study of tool-mediated action are described the mechanisms of sign mediation of action, planning function of speech, symbolic operations, trial action that shape the child's independence from the immediate situation at present, the possibility of free action by the "the sketch of the future." 
2. Analysis of the situation in education shows that the issue of Time and the Future is a major historical challenge for the educational practice because the idea of education originally has a timeless character. And education as a social institute focused on the broadcast of "eternal values" cultural norms and activities. 
However, such global educational trends as the individualization of education, project-based approach in education, widespread foresight-culture and practice of development the thinking about the future or the future-thinking, point to the need to deepen attention to those aspects of the cultural-historical theory that opens issues working with the concept of Time in the process of development and especially the issues working with the Future in education. 
The analysis of the pedagogical experience of Russia and Finland for the development of future-thinking, especially in the development of individual educational programs and the organization of educational and professional orientation for high school students.
Moscow State Pedagogical Univeristy
Moscow Pedagogical State University