ABS264 - Following Politzer and Vygotsky calling for a concrete human psychology: Methodological and analytical implications of doing concrete psychology for interventionist research

1.4 Interventionist research approaches and their roots
1:30 PM, Tuesday 29 Aug 2017 (20 minutes)
In short, this paper aims at discussing the project of concrete psychology, anchored in vital human drama, both for Vygotsky and Politzer, and its methodological implications, especially in an interventionist, developmental, transformative perspective. How can we push the agenda of concrete psychology forward? In this paper, after discussing both Vygotsky’s and Politzer’s views on concrete human psychology, we will argue that the concept of activity, defined as psychological activity (Clot, 1999), offers the potential to move one step forward in the direction of a truly concrete human psychology, which respects both requirements of Vygotsky and Politzer on the constitution of its scientific object and methodology. Activity is here both the unit of analysis and analytical tool which allow to follow developmental processes. We will ground this theoretical and methodological discussion in a recent intervention conducted in a factory on the transmission of professional gestures and collective construction of expertise in a factory with the methodology of cross self-confrontations, which we will discuss in relation to our goal of constructing a concrete psychology.
University of Neuchatel

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