SYMP 099 - Children's conceptual learning in imaginative play across educational settings: A cultural historical analysis of science learning

2.4 Cross-national explorations of sociocultural research on learning
Symposium (Symp)
Friday Sep 01   09:30 AM to 11:30 AM (2 hours)
In the last three decades, play has been identified as a key research area in relation to children’s learning and development. However, understanding how children’s conceptual learning (for example mathematics, science) develops through imaginative play in different educational settings, is less well understood. This symposium presents findings from four empirical studies investigating children’s play in contexts of diversity (Bangladesh, India, Australia and China). What is common, is that each researcher is seeking to understand how play-based learning takes place in the everyday lives of children in different settings, where science learning is featured. All the studies draw upon cultural-historical theory to frame and gather digital data.
In this symposium, the first three papers will use Vygotsky’s notions of “everyday and scientific concepts”, “imagination and creativity”, and “perezhivanie” to discuss how children’s everyday life experiences in different educational settings are linked with their scientific concept development. The fourth paper will use Kravtsov and Kravtsova’s (2010) conception of “subject positioning” and Vygotsky’s concept of “social situation of development” to discuss how parents’ diverse cultural practices influence their pedagogical role in imaginative play to support preschoolers’ conceptual learning. Together, the empirical studies in this symposium elucidate Vygotsky’s notion of play in diverse cultural context. They reflect the power of cultural-historical theory as a research lens to view 360° dimensions of children’s everyday life in different settings, with important implications for enlightened approaches to early childhood pedagogy.

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