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ABS327 - Culture and education in a box: artefacts as the core of curriculum

2.5 Intercultural-cultural communication and new forms of being
Paper in a Working Group Roundtable (WGRT)
5:00 PM, Wednesday 30 Aug 2017 (50 minutes)
Convention Center - 2000 A - Table D
Pestalozzi succinctly highlights the importance of the child’s surroundings as the initiator of learning.
This paper reports a project that explores Intercultural communication and new forms of being by combining cultural-historical theory with a tangible representation of culturally relevant artefacts, it is the aim of this project to build a relevant and contextually grounded curriculum that provides meaningful engagement and learning for Australian Indigenous children.
The use of culturally relevant tools as the provocation of learning is the key to ensuring that the learning experience is firmly linked to the children’s cultural and social context.
Social competence as a goal for education encompasses a number of skills, such as literacy; numeracy; self-control. The concept of social competence refers to not just the social moirés of interactions but also the cultural tools and the skills of negotiation of the social structures.
It is this emphasis on cultural tools that has been the springboard for the project to develop relevant tools using artefacts as the impetus for learning and understanding and the vehicle for skill development necessary for social competence underpinned by dialogue and the co-construction of knowledge
The project seeks to consult with the relevant Traditional Owners of the land to identify and incorporate significant artefacts that will become the basis of the education curriculum. It is anticipated that each curriculum will be individual to a specific community and will become the property of that community developing culturally appropriate and culturally approved materials through collaborative partnerships.
Monash University
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