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SYMP 271 - How does learning look? Critical reflection on visual data of classroom activities

2.4 Cross-national explorations of sociocultural research on learning
Symposium (Symp)
9:30 AM, vendredi 1 sept. 2017 (2 heures)
The problem here addresses the identification and interpretation of visual data, specifically to conceptualise instruction within pedagogy (Cole, 2009). This problem is dialectically constituted, since coming to know what classroom activity might look like is inseparable from and in productive tension with coming to know what it is to see learning through instruction.
We recognize that video data propose ways of visualizing pedagogic activity that have the potential to change – and are changing – what we take methodologically to represent human development through schooling. The prevalence of visual cultural representation in educational research offers qualitative research and cultural-historical activity research a new trend and the potential for more insight.
We propose a ‘symposium of show and tell’ – that is a hybridization of the symposium with the round-table format – to present short addresses concerning our own specific focus of theoretical interest (symposium) using an excerpt of video data, whilst also opening up discussion around the excerpt to the perspective of the other participants, so building a trialogic level (round table).
University of Bristol, UK
McGill University
University of Bristol, UK
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