ABS186 - Culture and resilience in combat situation - Board 39

2.2 Identity and professional learning in new and diverse ecologies
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11:00 AM, mercredi 30 août 2017 (1 heure)
In human experience, few events are as stressful as war, even for trained and qualified fighters for their confrontation. There is a rich literature on stress induced by combat and war operations. An example of successful coping in combat situation was the experience of the first group of Brazil's fighter Aviation (1st GAvCa) in World War II. A research on the factors of resiliency unveiled that this experience was the attachment of this group to the identity and cultural values of the country. This evidence goes to meet than defends Ojeda (2005) about cultural identity as one of the pillars of community resilience. Assuming that culture is "a collective expression for all models of behavior acquired and transmitted socially through symbols, including customs, traditions and language" (DeCS-Health Sciences Descriptors), this paper will focus on the Carnival, as a cultural expression of the Brazilian people, in symbolic manifestations of 1° GAvCa. The goal is to demonstrate how such events helped to shape the experiences of adverse events, promoting community resilience shared the same. For both were evaluated two Brazilian carnival little marches, prevalent in the Group's Songbook, "A Jardineira" and "A Dança do Funiculi", explaining its representative role in the formation of the trajectory "esprit de corps", favoring the positive result that it obtained in its participation in that war clash. These melodies were used to create letters about the experiences of the war so that the contradiction between joy and sorrow can be embedded in the identity and resilient process in 1st GAvCa.
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo
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