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ABS187 - The importance of the Songbook for the morale of troops in combat situations – the experience of the first group of Brazil's fighter aviation - Board 40

2.2 Identity and professional learning in new and diverse ecologies
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11:00 AM, Mercredi 30 Août 2017 (1 heure)
In research on resilience factors in First Brazilian Fight Group (1st GAvCa) in its operations at Second World War, a rich musical manifestation was observed, used by this group to mark important moments of lived experience. More than an activity of leisure, its emotional effect was noticed, working on the state of spirit and courage of the fighters. A check of this form of expression in the 1st GAvCa veterans helped to find that it not only accompanied the formation of the “esprit de corps”, but also marked the major events and experiences lived, acting as a form of expression and organization of the emotions raised, revealing a coping mechanism of the various demands experienced in this war situation. Thus, the Songbook can be detached as a vehicle for some of the community resiliency factors achieved by this group. To illustrate this reality, will be highlighted, in the present work, the songs shared that were considered more representative in terms of the time in which they were raised, the remarkable experiences that have registered and the portability of the messages they have sent. One of the examples is the Brazil's fighter aviation, composed after a military offensive sortie, like a parody of a carnival's little march, in evidence at that time: “I spent the carnival in Venice, taking some” “firecrackers from here”...
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