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ABS231 - Drug addiction view from the perspective of the Theory of Subjectivity: giving a new meaning to the human aspects of addiction. - Board 28

2.7 Other topics related to Theme 2
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11:00 AM, mercredi 30 août 2017 (1 heure)
Reflect on the context of drug addiction, from a cultural-historical perspective and using the constructive-interpretative method, which is based on the Qualitative Epistemology (González Rey, 1997, 2005b), brings the possibility of thinking about subjectivity processes that pervade the genesis of addiction and that go far beyond the causality proposed by current studies on drugs that were developed according to the positivist science and the biomedical model. In this sense, it is known that the production of knowledge is determined by valuing the natural and dialogical in the course of information construction process, social subjective and, to consider the drug addict in their historical and cultural context, which relates their social subjective production recursively. Thus, to understand the subjective senses of production associated with the abuse of psychoactive substances, as the proposed objective of this study, it was considered in this dynamic research work pregnant women in hospitalization for cracks abuse.
University Center of Brasilia (UniCeub)
University Center of Brasilia/ University of Brasilia
UniCeub (Centro Universitário de Brasília)