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ABS058 - The group as a source of development: rethinking professional development in educational field through a collaborative perspective - Board 30

3.3 Interventionist methodologies: bridging theory and practice
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11:00 AM, Mercredi 30 Août 2017 (1 heure)
Educational demands, especially student’s learning and behaviour problems, exist in everyday work of numerous professionals, such as psychologists and teachers. Considering the complexity of this kind of demand, they usually search for support in professional development programs. However, literature review indicates that Brazilian programs for those who work within the educational field are generally restricted to technical learning, often ignoring professional’s real needs and claims. This poster will present findings of data analysis from an interventionist study, which aimed to develop and analyse a special type of professional development program, trying to understand how the group might be a source of development for those who work with educational demands, in order to rethink professional development process in a collaborative perspective. Research data – audio recordings of meetings; participant’s reflexive registers – was generated from this program, offered in Brazil from September to November 2014. The group was comprised of ten professionals, who were invited to share their professional concerns, in order to find collective solutions. Concepts of cultural-historical theory – social situation of development, crisis and perezhivanie – are analytical tools, indicating that collective dimension is a condition to individual’s development. The group has worked on social relations between participants overcoming crises live during the meetings. Furthermore, each participant was affected in a special way, indicating that only those social factors refracted through individual’s emotional experiences can result in development, showing how important it is to propose professional development programs having group interactions and dynamic as a main aspect.
State University of Campinas - UNICAMP
State University of Campinas
Monash University, Australia
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