ABS423 - Exploring perezhivanie as an internalised psychological tool for teacher thinking and activity

3.8 New technologies and new ways of organizing work
jeudi 31 août   03:50 PM à 04:10 PM (20 minutes)
This paper presents an ongoing research on language teachers' responses when integrating technology in Russian higher education. It discusses the state of the art in the area as a complex situation language teachers face. I argue that traditional teacher development frameworks, which proved successful in western contexts, require thorough consideration when implemented in Russia top-down. I propose an alternative, a bottom-up strategy with the ambition to contribute with knowledge on the concept of perezhivanie as a heuristic tool in complex settings such as technologically-enhanced language learning. The phenomenon of perezhivanie is highly polysemic and therefore difficult to translate from Russian into English and interpret for the Western audience. I suggest that perezhivanie has a formative power on teachers and therefore can be used in teacher education, training and development programmes.
The University of Manchester

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