ABS398 - DesignPractice

3.7 Changing forms of work
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This paper reports findings of a study which explored the ways in which design influences the perceptions and practices of the post-occupancy users at five UK secondary schools. An understanding practice differences at these schools extends typical Post Occupancy Evaluations (POEs) which have been criticised for their prioritisation of life-cycle build information (Watson, 2015), and lack of attention to the ways in which the processes of occupation itself may shape the experience of such spaces (Stables, Learoyd-Smith, Daniels and Tse, 2014). The study involved case study profiling to document a range of key issues discussed by staff and students at each one of these schools. Multiple data sources allowed for triangulation of findings which has highlighted the impact of design and the adaptations made to the building by its occupants. Findings point to the importance of alignment between school design, pedagogical orientation on occupation and the management of built spaces. 
University of Oxford
University of Oxford

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