Temperature affects biomass distribution and trophic cascades in aquatic and terrestrial food chains

Interactions trophiques
14:30, vendredi 20 déc. 2019 (15 minutes)
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Salle EFG

Understanding food web dynamics remains a critical challenge in ecological research. It is widely recognized that temperature strongly impacts food web structure and dynamics through its effect on organism biological rates. We considered a consumer-resource model in which biological rates are temperature dependent, using a database of activation energies. We focus on two synthetic parameters describing biomass distribution and trophic cascade in food chains, and investigate how they vary with temperature. We show that the shape of the pyramids (bottom-heavy vs top-heavy) and the strength of trophic cascade vary with temperature and highlight differences between terrestrial and aquatic communities. We illustrate our results by looking at two more specific case studies, terrestrial versus aquatic herbivory and a tri-trophic aquatic food chain. Through a simple theoretical framework, our work summarizes how temperature may affect the main food chain patterns.

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