Governance of ecosystem services: a review of the empirical literature

Ecology and Society
14:00, vendredi 20 déc. 2019 (15 minutes)
Salle AB

Ecosystems support human wellbeing through ecosystem services. Yet, the ways ecosystem services are governed have gained little attention from ecosystem services research. In a conceptual paper, Primmer et al. (2015) proposed four modes of ecosystem service governance: scientific-technical, hierarchical, strategic behavior, and (adaptive) collaborative governance. However, the empirical evidence to support these governance modes has been anecdotal so far, lacking a scientific replicable approach. Here, we review 235 publications on ecosystem service governance and synthesize a subset of 116 empirical publications. We show that the modes of ecosystem service governance proposed by Primmer et al. (2015) are suitable to be used in ecosystem services research. This means that the governance modes incorporate well the diversity of governance arrangements reported in the scientific empirical literature. Furthermore, our results also show that there is not a predominant discourse on the governance of ecosystem services. Rather, different governance modes are studied in different combinations, which possibly reflects the existing reality of multiple and overlapping governance arrangements affecting ecosystem services. We propose more concrete definitions for these four modes of ecosystem services governance to help interdisciplinary researchers better navigate and orient their research.


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