Food Sovereignty on Stolen Land: The food movement and settler colonialism on Turtle Island

Biodiversity and Indigenous Society
14:55, jeudi 19 déc. 2019 (15 minutes)
Salle EFG

Deliberate disruption to Indigenous food systems has been one of the most devastating strategies of colonization on Turtle Island. This disruption continues today through policy and practice, as is exemplified in Quebec’s Plan Nord. Despite a growing recognition of colonialism as a root cause for the disproportionate burden of food insecurity and chronic disease experienced by Indigenous peoples and people of colour, the food movement in Canada has done little to address colonialism in its efforts towards food sovereignty. This presentation will emphasize the need to address settler colonialism in the struggle for food justice, and the role of the food sovereignty movement in doing so. A case study of Food Secure Canada (FSC) will be used to show the importance of a clear anti-colonial orientation as a foundation for food movement organizing in Canada. FSC is a national leader in the food sovereignty movement and their biannual Assembly is the largest food movement event in Canada. Despite significant efforts at inclusion and representation at their 2018 Assembly, a boycott of its final day was organized by Indigenous people and people of colour, forefronting the contradictions and the potential of food sovereignty movements in settler states. This presentation is based on participatory action research using questionnaires, interviews, participatory observation and a focus group in an attempt to understand the issues raised, and to identify paths forward towards effective mobilizing across movements towards food sovereignty for all of the nations on this shared land.

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