Effects of lake size and watershed land use on multitrophic lake communities in Eastern Canada

Poster session
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11:30, vendredi 20 déc. 2019 (1 heure)
Dîner   12:30 PM à 01:30 PM (1 heure)
Salle ABCD
Studies of lake communities and their response to anthropogenic stressors usually focus on 'horizontal communities' and rarely incorporate detailed compositional information across trophic levels. The Lake Pulse project, with its standardized and comprehensive sampling of ~ 680 Canadian lakes across broad biogeographic and anthropogenic gradients, provides a unique opportunity to document land use impacts on lake communities from bacterioplankton to metazoans. In this poster we illustrate a number of statistical frameworks which we will employ to integrate the various plankton community composition datasets generated within the Lake Pulse project. We also show preliminary results from our current efforts to leverage existing data on fish community composition available for Lake Pulse sites. The objective of these analyses will be to construct multitrophic species interaction networks for Lake Pulse and reveal how land use affects the structure of lake communities across Canadian ecozones.

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