A collaborative study of the long-term dynamics and extreme events of Lac Hertel, Mont Saint Hilaire: the cyanobacteria bloom of 2019

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vendredi 20 déc. 11:30 AM (1 heure)
Dîner   12:30 PM à 01:30 PM (1 heure)
Salle ABCD

Lac Hertel is a headwater lake situated in the middle of the Gault Nature Reserve, just an hour outside of Montreal. Lac Hertel and the surrounding old-growth temperate forest ecosystem have been subject to scientific research for decades but limnological studies of Lac Hertel remain limited. Yet, Lac Hertel is an interesting study site as it is largely protected from direct human disturbances and serves as a water source for the Large Experimental Array of Ponds (LEAP) platform. As such, we decided to launch a collaborative, multi-year study of Lac Hertel with the goal of monitoring and characterizing the nature of the seasonal physico-chemical patterns and biological community shifts in the lake. Here, we present preliminary analyses of our first sampling efforts and interpret these in the context of other existing data and future plans. Our results from the first year are largely based on traditional limnological sampling, but a high-frequency buoy was also tested and deployed. As part of our first sampling season, we observed one of the largest and most persistent cyanobacterial blooms at Lac Hertel (based on informal study). Our poster presentation will highlight the abiotic and biotic dynamics of Lac Hertel and explore possible hypotheses for the large cyanobacteria bloom.


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