Evolution of converging flower morphologies in Antillean Gesneriaceae associated with multiple pollination syndromes

Speed talk
11:05, vendredi 20 déc. 2019 (5 minutes)
Salle ABCD

Flowers are a remarkable exemple of the diversity surrounding us. Differences in floral shapes can be the result of narrow associations between plants and pollinators. Some species have a specialist strategy, attracting only one functional type of pollinators, and others have a more generalist strategy, effectively attracting different functional types of pollinators, both of which can be found in Antillean Gesneriaceae. Two main hypotheses attempt to explain the evolution of generalist strategies: the trade-off hypothesis and the morphological specialisation hypothesis. To test them, we used flower profils, geometric morphometrics and a Bayesian approach to attempt to understand how those pollination syndromes evolved.

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