La sélection d'habitat du boeuf musqué et intéractions avec le caribou

Écologie comportementale
11:20, jeudi 19 déc. 2019 (15 minutes)
Salle CD
Following extirpation in the 1860’s, muskox were reintroduced to the Alaskan North Slope in the 1960’s. Over the next decades, groups from this population emigrated eastward into the Yukon’s North Slope and the Richardson Mountains of the Northwest Territories where breeding groups established. This reintroduction has been cause for concern from local community members, who suspect muskox may be modifying caribou’s behavior and migration patterns and impacting the community’s ability to harvest caribou. The Wildlife Management Advisory Council North Slope, through a series of community meetings and interviews with local organizations, has co-developed muskox research and management plans to guide future actions and management decisions on muskox. From 2015 to 2019, twenty-five muskox have been outfitted with GPS satellite collars and vegetation community composition data was collected across a gradient of muskox use. Here, we discuss muskox habitat selection, muskox-vegetation fine-scale associations and muskox-caribou interactions

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