*Only publicly viewable people appear on this list. You can adjust this from the My Settings section of your profile.


dima abu ghoush
Director/Producer, Collage Productions
Alan Adelson
Executive Director, Films for Humanity
mara adina
Creative Producer, Vernon Films
Claire Aguilar
Director of Programming and Policy, Wilmera Media
justyn ah chong
Filmmaker, Pacific Islanders in Communications
Day Al-Mohamed
Filmmaker and Disability Policy Specialist, Invalid Corps Film
Daniela Alatorre
Co-founder, No Ficcion
Alex Albers
Editor, Freelance Video Editor + The Video Consortium (Organizer)
isabel alcantara
Fellow, Firelight Media
Mahmoud Al Massad
Director/ Producer , Jo Image
Danny Alpert
Kindling Group
Kate Amend,
Film Editor
Kelly Amis
Producer, Director & Editor, Loudspeaker Films
Jessica Anthony
Producer, Writer, Director, Three Frames
Judd Apatow
Filmmaker, Apatow Productions
Alice Apley
Executive Director, Documentary Educational Resources
Lauren Appelbaum
Communications Director, RespectAbility
Bridgette Auger
Director/DP, We Are Not Princesses
jeanelle augustin
Manager, Film Fellowships & Artist Development, NBCUniversal
Brenda Avila
Watsonville Film Fest / New Day Films


Brian Babylon
Comic / Producer , Babylon Industries
Julia Bacha
Creative Director, Just Vision
Christiane Badgley
Writer - Director - Editor
Hanul Bahm
Filmmaker, Hanul Bahm
Jennifer Baker
Executive Producer
Brad Barber
Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Associate Professor
Edgar Barens
Director, Feffer Films, LLC
callie barlow
National Geographic Documentary Films
Joslyn Barnes
Producer, Louverture Films
Barbara Bentree
Director / Producer, Jindojazz
Emily Berger
attorney | filmmaker | activist
Joe Berlinger
Producer / Director, Third Eye Motion Picture Co.
Alejandro Bernal
Filmmaker, Tropico Media
Danielle Beverly
Director / Producer / Professor, Petunia Productions
Linda Blackaby
Principal, Cinema Projects
Alix Blair
Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Collective of Documentary Women Cinematographers
Doug Block
Director, Producer, Consultant/Coach (Copacetic Pictures); Founder, co-host (The D-Word), The D-Word
alexandria bombach
Director, Cinematographer, Editor, RED REEL
jonathan borge lie
Producer, UpNorth Film
Eseel Borlasa
Publicist | Partner , After Bruce
Connie Bottinelli
Director/Producer, cinematographer, editor, Grinning Dog Pictures
Jasmine Bowles
Business Director, Southern Documentary Fund
Maggie Bowman
Director of Programming, Getting Real, International Documentary Association
Iyabo Boyd
Brown Girls Doc Mafia
Dana Brandes-Simon
Jigsaw Productions, NeXt Doc
Gilda Ann Brasch
director/producer, LET MY PEOPLE VOTE
Josh Braun
Submarine Entertainment
Kate Brewer
Writer - Director , Knots Documentary
Julie Bridgham
Director, Producer, Butter Lamp Films
Eli Brown
Producer/Director, The D-Word / Burst Films LLC
Jim Browne
Founder, Argot Pictures
Joe Brown Thunder
Producer, Buffalo Nickle Creative
Bill Brummel
Producer/Director , Bill Brummel Productions
Ellen Bruno
Producer/Director, BrunoFilms
Alice Burgin
CEO/Conference Director, Australian International Documentary Conference
Imad Burnat
Film director Academy of Motion Picture Membership , 5 broken cameras
Amanda Burr
Producer, BYkids /CABULA6
Bobette Buster
CEO/Writer/Producer, Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet Corp.
Aaron Butler
Documentary Producer and Editor
catherine butler
Documentary Writer / Producer, Butlerfilms LLC
Jeanine Butler
Director/Producer/Writer Non Fiction Entertainment , Butlerfilms LLC
Fera Byrd
Lead Producer, TrimTab Media
Margaret Byrne
Director/Producer/DP, Beti Films, LLC


Lyric R Cabral
Filmmaker (T)ERROR
Camilla Calamandrei
Director/Producer, Rolling River Films
caryn capotosto
Producer, Head of Productions, Tremolo Productions
Marie-Helene Carleton
Filmmaker, Four Corners Media
Bob Carlson
Host and Producer, KCRW - UnFictional
Genevieve Carmel
Program Director, LEF Foundation
Almudena Carracedo
Director/Producer, Semilla Verde Productions Ltd.
Lawrence Carter-Long
Director of Communications, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
David Casey
Vice President of Production, ITVS
Heather Cassano
Director/Producer, Spin One Films
Isabel Castro
Concordia Studio
Andrés Cediel
Professor-in-Residence, UC Berkeley
Mandy Chang
Commissioning Editor, Storyville and Factual Acquisitions, BBC
Lisa Chanoff
Catapult Film Fund
Caty Chattoo
Director, Center for Media & Social Impact, American University School of Communication
Janet Chen
A-Doc (Asian American Documentary Network) and UC Santa Cruz
Chanda Chevannes
Filmmaker, Writer, Educator
Jennifer Crystal Chien
Filmmaker / Re-Present Media
Karin Chien
President, dGenerate Films
Jina Chung
Director of Development , International Documentary Association
Matt Cipollone
Cinematographer, Producer, Editor
Katerina Cizek
Co Creation Studio at MIT Open Documentary Lab
Maria Caridad Clement
Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program
Bonni Cohen
Co-Founder, Catapult Film Fund/ Actual Films
Dale Cohen
UCLA School of Law
Emily Cohen Ibañez
Director/Producer, Reversa Films
Erika Cohn
Idle Wild Films
Jason Cohn
Producer / Writer / Director, Bread and Butter Films
Maggie Contreras
Executive Producer, Future You Media
Liz Cook Mowe
Director of Documentary Film , Kickstarter
Jason Cooper
Director & Producer, King Toledo Entertainment
James Costa
Co-Vice President, Board of Directors, International Documentary Association
Brenda Coughlin
Director of Producing & Impact Strategy, Sundance Institute
Heather Courtney
Four Pillars Films
June Cross
Professor and Filmmaker, Columbia Journalism School
Lindsay Crouse
The New York Times
Francis Cullado
Executive Director, Visual Communications
Hussain Currimbhoy
Programmer, Sundance Film Festival
Arwen Curry
Producer / Director, Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin
Marshall Curry
Marshall Curry Productions


Mathieu Dagonas
Executive Director, DOC
Jesse Dana
Luisa Dantas
JoLu Productions
Lisa Dare
Assistant Editor/Editor/Researcher
Jason DaSilva
Filmmaker /Founder, AXS Film Fund
Margje de Koning
Chief Commissioning Editor , EO/IKONdocs
Jax Deluca
Media Arts Director, National Endowment for the Arts
Helen De Michiel
Producer/Director, Thirty Leaves Production
David de Rozas
Jessica Devaney
Founder & President, Multitude Films
Andrew DeWitt
Oovra Music
John Dickie
Director/Producer, Moronga Films
Cassidy Dimon
Public Programs & Events Manager, International Documentary Association
Duong-Chi Do
Media Impact & Engagement Strategist
Jamie Dobie
Executive Director, Peace is Loud
Cyrus Dowlatshahi
Jordan Dresser
Associate Producer, Content Lab
Lindsey Dryden
Producer & Director, Little By Little Films
Kelly Duane de la Vega
Director, Producer, Writer, Impact Producer, Three Frames
Ben-Alex Dupris
Director-Impact Producer , Bendigenous


David Eisenberg
Sr. Director of Production, ITVS
Keiko Elizabeth
Actor/Producer, A-Doc
Audrey Emerson
Producer, Devlo Media
Aslı Ertürk
Istanbul Cinema Network
Alejandra Espasande
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Deborah S. Esquenazi
Filmmaker, Principal, Myth of Monsters Media, LLC
Katja Esson
Writer, Director, Producer, Penelope Pictures
Frank Evers
CEO, Girl Culture Films/Evergreen Pictures/INSTITUTE
Alan Eyres
SVP, Programming & Development, National Geographic


Laura Fallsgraff
Director of Engagement, Kindling Group
Amber Fares
Director/Cinematographer, Independent Filmmaker
Lucie Faulknor
Producer, Serendipity Films, LLC
Joanne Feinberg
Director of Programming - Features, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
Ilse Fernandez
Producer/ Director / Showrunner, Viva Vida Productions
Locsi Ferra
Head of Impact , Level Forward
Leanne Ferrer
Executive Director, Pacific Islanders in Communications
Ina Fichman
President/Producer, Intuitive Pictures
Leslie Fields-Cruz
Executive Director, Black Public Media
Cathy R Fischer
Director/Producer, FischerCat Productions
Deirdre Fishel
Producer/Director, Mind's Eye Productions
Kristen Fitzpatrick
Director of Distribution & Acquisition, Women Make Movies
Heidi Fleisher
Producer, Buyer, Consultant, D-Word co-host
Efuru Flowers
Flourishing Films
L.J. Fogel
Filmmaker, God on the Street
Adam Forrester
Director/Cinematographer, Emory University
Dana Forsberg
Director, Storybird Productions
Ben Fowlie
Executive Director, Points North Institute
David France
Director, Public Square Films
Laura Frank
VP Journalism, Rocky Mountain PBS
Helki Frantzen
Cinematographer, NA
Jordan Freeman
Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Freeman
Josh Freund
Director, Do U Want It?, ABIS Productions


Hala Gabriel
Producer/Director, Desert Wind Productions
Avrielle Gallagher
Head of Development, Dirty Robber
Mary Garbesi
Accounting and Administration Manager, International Documentary Association
Gabriella Garcia Pardo
Independent Cinematographer | Producer, Indepedent Filmmaker
Ariana Garfinkel
Producer, Carriage House Pictures
Jannat Gargi
Director Documentary Films and Distribution, VulcanProductions
JaTovia Gary
Firelight Media
Genéa Gaudet
Director, Girlfight Pictures
Chloe Gbai
POV Shorts & Streaming Producer, American Documentary | POV
Ginger Gentile
Director-Producer, Erasing Family Documentary
Barbara Ghammashi
Director, Production Assistance Program, Women Make Movies
John Gibson
Director of Television, Mississippi Public Broadcasting
Jen Gilomen
Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Forward Films, Collective of Documentary Women Cinematographers, New Day Films
Erica Ginsberg
The D-Word / CineCitizen Media
Faye Ginsburg
New York University
Abby Ginzberg
Documentary Filmmaker, Berkeley Film Foundation
Joshua Glick
Assistant Professor of English, Film, and Media, Hendrix College, MIT
Gwenaëlle Gobé
Animation Director
Lyn Goldfarb
Director/Producer/Writer, Lyn Goldfarb Productions
Julie Goldman
President, Motto Pictures
amy goldstein
Director/Producer, Span Productions
linda goldstein knowlton
Filmmaker, Ladylike Films
Barak Goodman
Ark Media
Joel Goodman
Composer, Oovra Music
Matthew Gossage
Producer, Hilltop Storytelling
Cheryl Green
Media Access Specialist - Content Creator
Kitty Green
jaida grey eagle
Producer, Arming Sisters
Lynnette Gryseels
Director, Development & Fiscal Sponsorship, The Film Collaborative
Kristy Guevara-Flanagan
Professor/Director, UCLA


Amy Halpin
Deputy Director, IDA
David Hambridge
Director, DP. Co-Producer, 'SUDAN: The Last Male Standing'
Alexandra Hannibal
CNN Films
Holly Hardman
Gobbo Films, LLC
Don Hardy
Producer/Director, KTF Films
Julia Haslett
Filmmaker / Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill
Jim Havey
Producer/Director, HaveyPro Cinema
Karen Hayes
Filmmaker, Ubuntu Motion Pictures
Hannah Hearn
Impact Coordinator, Working Films
Brad Heck
Director/Producer/Cinematographer, Arming Sisters
Darian Henry
Filmmaker | Co-Founder & Co-Director of NeXt Doc, NeXt Doc / BGDM
Alice Henty
Producer, Maylo Films
Lisa Hepner
Director / Producer, Vox Pop Films
Bob Hercules
Producer/Director, Media Process Group
Chelsea Hernandez
Untitled 19th* News Film
Christie Herring
Filmmaker, New Day Films & Campaign Productions
Maria Elena Hewett
International Documentary Association
Dee Hibbert-Jones
Living Condition LLC
Cynthia Hill
Markay Media
Amanda Hillsberg
Creative Executive, Participant Media
Andrew Hinton
Filmmaker, Pilgrim Fiilms
Cheryl Hirasa
Pacific Islanders in Communications
Emma Ho
Development , Anchor Entertainment
Amy Hobby
Co-Founder, Distribution Advocates
Gordy Hoffman
Director, BlueCat Docs
Ines Hofmann Kanna
Producer, Codebreaker Films
maggie holden
Co-Host, Bad Feminists Making Films Podcast , Al Jazeera / Rhiza Collective
Maori Holmes
Director, BlackStar Film Festival
Diana Holtzberg
East Village Entertainment
Emily Hong
Producer, Bad Feminists Making Films Podcast, Ethnocine Collective & Asian American Documentary Network
Emily Hoover
Communications Coordinator , Catapult Film Fund
Karen Hori
Producer, Langley Productions / IDA
Jennifer Huang
Director, Treeclimber Media
Kathy Huang
Filmmaker / Educator
cathy hue
Documentary Journalist, Our Story Productions
Jennifer Humke
Senior Program Officer, MacArthur Foundation
CJ Hunt
Firelight Media


Film Independent
Documentary Programs & Fiscal Sponsorship, Film Independent
Adam Irving
Director / Producer / Cinematographer, Gemini Pictures
Kevin Iwashina
Board President, Agent, International Documentary Association, Endeavor Content


Justine Jacob
Attorney, Focus Media Law Group
Ken Jacobson
Documentary / VR Programmer, Freelance
Kristi Jacobson
Filmmaker, Catalyst Films
Angela Jang
Filmmaker Services Associate, International Documentary Association
Marcia Jarmel
Director, Producer, Writer, PatchWorks Films
Marjon Javadi
Film and Partnerships Executive, Doc Society (fka BritDoc)
Chithra Jeyaram
Director/Editor, Real Talkies LLC
Alexandra Johnes
*Very Special Projects / Eaton Workshop
Eric Johnson
SVP of Sound + Engagement, Trailblazer Studios/Southern Documentary Fund Board
Leigh Johnson
Jeffrey Jones
Executive Director, Peabody Awards
Graham Judd


Levi Kabwato
Communications Manager , Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa
Andrea Kalin
Founder, Creative Director, Spark Media
Betsy Kalin
Producer/Director/Writer, Itchy Bee Productions
Aideen Kane
VP Production, Producer
Cynthia Kane
Getting Real Programmer
Ann Kaneko
Director/producer, InterSection Films, LLC
Mary Katzke
Producer/Director, Affinityfilms, Inc.
Christine Kecher
Manager, Feature Films, A+E Networks
Kirsten Kelly
Director/Producer, Female
Kathy Kieliszewski
Artistic Director, Photo and Video Director, producer, Freep Film Festival, Detroit Free Press
Danny Kim
filmmaker/Assistant Editor, A-Doc/Wondros
Larry Kirkman
Producer & Writer,
Lotti Pharriss Knowles
Producer & Partner, Weirdsmobile Productions
Kelsey Koenig
Senior Director of Development, Impact Partners
Karen Konicek
Executive Producer/Dir of Distribution, Zipporah Films, Inc.
Judy Korin
Producer/Director, Independent / CSUN
Jacob Kornbluth
co-founder, creative director, Inequality Media
Katie Koskenmaki
Director of Station Relations, ITVS
eva kozanecka
Producer, Strategist - Artists and Machine Intelligence , Google
Lance Kramer
Producer, Co-Founder, Meridian Hill Pictures
Lauren Kushner
Consultant , Early Bird Films
Daresha Kyi


Kayla LaCour
Christine La Monte
Director/Producer/Writer, La Monte Productions
Gretchen Landau
Producer, Drop of Water Entertainment
Fiona Lawson-Baker
Executive Producer, Witness, Al Jazeera English
Jim LeBrecht
Co-Director, Co-Producer, FWD-Doc
Eleni Ledezma
Associate Producer, Indigenous Showcase dba Longhouse Media
Grace Lee
Filmmaker, Asian American Documentary Network
Lisa Leeman
Producer/Director/Writer, Loka Pala Films
Alex Leff
Filmmaker, Ashbourne Films
Brian J. Leitten
Producer/Director, Hyperion XIII Productions
Lindy Leong
Senior Film Programmer , Visual Communications | Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Jack Lerner
Attorney/Professor, UCI Law Intellectual Property, Arts, & Technology Clinic
Kristin Lesko
Independent Producer
Christine Leuthold l
C Insight Group
Beth Levison
Producer, Documentary Producers Alliance // Hazel Pictures
Jonathan Goodman Levitt
Filmmaker, Changeworx
Caroline Libresco
Director of Catalyst & Women at Sundance, Senior Programmer, Sundance Institute
John Lightfoot
Director of Media & Journalism Programs, California Humanities
Loira Limbal
Director, Firelight Media
Ashley Lin
community member, A-Doc // BGDM
Kathleen Lingo
The New York Times
Aimee Link
Supervising Producer, Vulcan Productions
Jennie Livingston
Earth Camp One LLC
Ben Loeterman
Director/Producer/Writer, Ben Loeterman Productions, Inc
Dawn Logsdon
Director/Producer/Editor, SERENDIPITY FILMS
Abril López
No Ficción SA de CV
jasmine lord
Director of Photography , Knots Documentary
Carrie Lozano
Director, Documentary Film Program, Sundance Institute
Li Lu
Director/Producer, Time and Place
Maida Lynn
Founder, Genuine Article Pictures


Lena Macdonald
Director Producer, Ferocious Films
Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala
Producer, Call Her Ganda
Leah Mahan
Producer/Director/Writer, Zamler Productions
Clare Major
Cinematographer/Director, Right Problems, LLC
Juan Mandelbaum
Producer/Director, Geovision
Lansana Mansaray
Filmmaker, WeOwnTv Freetown Media Center
Edwin Martinez
Filmmaker, Nicole Films
Cambria Matlow
Filmmaker, Woodsrider Films
Caren McCaleb
Editor, Mount St. Mary's University
John McDonald
CALL ME MULE, Director/Cinematographer
Eren McGinnis
Independent Filmmaker, Camino Way Productions
Darcy McKinnon
Community Impact Program / Executive Director, HBO / NOVAC
Andrea Meller
Producer & Director, Migratory Patterns
Jordan Melograna
CEO, Block by Block Creative
Ani Mercedes
Looky Looky Pictures , Impact Producer
Carol Merrill-Mirsky
Director, "SIGRID"
Cara Mertes
Program Director, Moving Image Exploration, Ford Foundation
Dana Merwin
Program Officer, International Documentary Association
Amanda Micheli
Director, Runaway Films
Faye Miller
Creative Producer and Narrative Career Consultant, Human Constellation
Deana Mitchell
Director, Director of Photography
Lucila Moctezuma
., Independent Consultant
James Moll
Hajnal Molnar-Szakacs
Director, Artist Accelerator , Sundance Institute
Dawn Mooney Digrius
Dawnsville Productions
Aldo Mora-Blanco
Senior Content Manager, ITVS
Katie Mota
Co-President, Wise Entertainment
Bridget Murnane
Producer/Director, BAM Moves LLC
Jamie Myers


Justine Nagan
Executive Director/Executive Producer, American Documentary / POV & America ReFramed
Alysa Nahmias
Director/Producer, AJNA
Deana Nassar
Artistic Director, Arab Film and Media Institute
Arthur Nazaryan
Independent Filmmaker
Marilyn Ness
Director / Producer, Big Mouth Productions
Laura Nix
Director , Felt Films


Keith Ochwat
Paradigm Consulting
Geoffrey O'Gara
Producer, The Content Lab
Liz Ogilvie
Founder, 7057media
Jenni Olson
Filmmaker & Independent Consultant, Jenni Olson Consulting/Production
Jill Orschel
Luis Ortiz
Managing Director, Latino Public Broadcasting
Ashley O'Shay
Director/Producer, Freelance Filmmaker/DCA
David Osit
Producer/Director, Rosewater Pictures


Erin Palmquist
Director / Producer / Cinematographer, From Baghdad to The Bay
Annabel Park
Producer, Facing Humanity
HyoJin Park
Filmmaker, Al Jazeera
Alessandra Pasquino
Producer , The One And The Many
Andrea Passafiume
Documentary Film Programmer, Documentary Film Programmer
marisa pearl
Anthony Pedone
Producer, Director, Programmer, Film Exchange
maria peek
Executive Producer/Director , Auroris Media
Josh Penn
The Department of Motion Pictures
Andre Perez
Director, Desire Lines
Denae Peters
Program Officer, Perspective Fund
Kristin Pichaske
Producer, Director, Writer, Kindling Group
Forrest Pound
Full-Stack Documentary Filmmaker, Freelance / Independent
Anayansi Prado
Documentary Filmmaker, Sanarte Films, LLC
Claudia Puig
President, Los Angeles Film Critics Association
Juan Antonio Puyol


Alice Quinlan
Director of POV Engage, POV
Gordon Quinn
Co-founder, Artistic Director, Kartemquin Films
Diane Quon
Quonco Productions
Bilal Qureshi
Film Quarterly


Elizabeth Radshaw
Industry Programs Director , Hot Docs
Jess Ramirez
Dino-Ray Ramos
Associate Editor, Deadline
Anu Rana
Kartemquin Films / Diverse Voices in Docs Coordinator , Isthmus Films
Jenny Raskin
VP for Development and Filmmaker Relations, Impact Partners
Heidi Reinberg
Founder, Heidi Reinberg Big Idea, LLC
Jon Reiss
Founder, 8 Above
Elspeth Revere
Ravenswood Consulting Group
B Ruby Rich
Editor, Film Quarterly
Bonnie Rich
Docs in Progress
Kevin Ripp
Writer/Producer/Whatnot, K Ripp Content / Among Wolves
Kim Roberts
Editor with Silence of Others
Gil Robertson
Co-Founder and President, African-American Film Critics Association
Brenda Robinson
Gamechanger Films
Jihan Robinson
VP, Non-Fiction Programming, Topic Studios
Jose Rodriguez
Director, Documentary Programs, Tribeca Film Institute
Annie Roney
Founder & CEO, ro*co films
Ann Rose
Let's Make Things
Danna Rosenthal
Manager, Sponsorship, Strategic PR and Events, IDA
Daniel Ross
Sr. Director, Marketing, ITVS
Anya Rous
Producer & Head of Partnerships, Multitude Films
Christine Ryan Harland
Producer, Director, C’est Tout Films


Dan Sadowsky
Editor, Alliance of Documentary Editors (ADE)
Marjan Safinia
Director, Producer, Field Builder, Department of Expansion
Ahlam Said
Impact Producer, Firelight Media
Juliana Sakae
Filmmaker, Extreme Stories
A.K. Sandhu (she/herr)
Director/Producer, DP/Photographer, Re-Present Partners, LLC
Jen Sarche
Partner, Blueshift Education
Hilke Schellmann
Journalism Professor, Investigative Filmmaker, New York University
Kate Schermerhorn
Director, Luna Park Productions
Jessica Schilling
Documentary Editor, Freelance
Ken Schneider
Producer/Director/Editor, PatchWorks Films
Joel Schroeder
Director & Editor, Freelance
Joani Schultz
Producer, Group Productions
Katy Scoggin (she/her)
Director/Producer & Cinematographer, Archelon Films, LLC
Adam Shamoon
Director, DOC Institute, Documentary Organization of Canada
Amy Shatsky
Series Producer, Independent Lens / ITVS
Amy Shaw
Fred Siegel
Indie Film, Tax, & Business Consultant, Fred Siegel CPA
Chris Simon
Director/Producer, Sageland Media
Kamal Sinclair
Sundance Institute
Jonathan Skurnik
Film Producer and Director, Skurnik Productions, LLC
Daniel Smith
Veritas Art Pictures LLC
Marcia Smith
Firelight Media
CB Smith-Dahl
Director, Camerawoman, Together Pictures
Joanna Sokolowski
Director/Producer , Sylvia Frances Films
Ines Sommer
filmmaker I programmer I educator , Northwestern University
Erin Sorenson
President, Third Stage Consulting
Andrea Sosa
Director of Program Content, KLRN
Iliana Sosa
Director , Borderchild Productions
Alison Sotomayor
Producer/Writer/Research Director, MOXIE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS
Fran Sterling
Co-Founder and Partner, Blueshift Education
joel stonington
Senior Commissioning Producer, AJ+
Faith Strongheart
Director, Brave People
Bhawin Suchak
Executive Director & Filmmaker, Youth FX Inc.
Abby Sun
Director of Artist Programs, IDA
Matt Sussman
Public Programs & Fellowships Manager, Bay Area Video Coalition
David Sutcliffe
Marty Syjuco
Producer, Thoughtful Robot Productions
Johnny Symons
Associate Professor, Documentary Filmmaker, San Francisco State University


Linda Tadic
Digital Bedrock
Leslie Tai
Director/Producer, How to Have an American Baby, Firelight Media
Heather Tanning
Manager, Production Market Strategy, Getty Images
Jen Tate
Founder , Oregon Media Lab
Kate Taverna
Prod/Dir/Editor, Films for Humanity
lisa tawil
VP, Marketing and Communications, ITVS
Cai Thomas
Fellow , Change The Name
Colleen Thurston
Filmmaker, Assistant Professor , University of Oklahoma
Marcela Toledo
Holy Toledo Productions
Corey Tong
Filmmaker; Producer/EP; Rep, Good Medicine Films / Mar Vivo Films
Amada Torruella
Filmmaker (Director/Producer) + Programmer, Amuletos Projects LLC
Joseph Tovares
Independent Producer/Multimedia Strategist
Jennifer Townsend
Director/Producer, Far Beyond Film, LLC
Katie Townsend
Legal Director, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Kate Trumbull-LaValle
Independent Filmmaker
Betsy Tsai
Sundance Institute
Jean Tsien
Editor/Executive Producer/Consultant, A-Doc / Independent Filmmaker
Angela Tucker
Founder/Filmmaker, TuckerGurl, Inc
Akmyrat Tuyliyev
Interactive Producer, POV Spark | AmDoc Interactive


Doris Underwood
Producer/Writer, Buffalo Nickel Creative


David Vaisbord
B.C. Chapter Chair, Filmmaker, Documentary Organization of Canada
Dawn Valadez
Producer/ Director/ Resource Wrangler, Valadez Productions
Lisa Valencia-Svensson
Producer, Aynaku Media
Anouchka van Riel
Producer, Span Productions
Danielle Varga
Producer, Walking Productions
Chai Vasarhelyi
Director, Producer, Free Solo
diane estelle Vicari
Director/Producer, DOCdance Productions llc
Carmen L. Vicencio
Supervising Producer, American Documentary, Inc | POV
Evan Villari
producer/director, Blood and Watershed
Juli Vizza
Editor, Prandial Pictures
Caroline von Kuhn
Director, Catalyst, Sundance Institute
Lois Vossen
Founding and Executive Producer, Independent Lens


Andrew Walcott
Motion Imaging Director, NyghtFalcon West
Chris Wallis
Director & Producer, Side Pocket Images
Chloe Walters Wallace
Firelight Media
Producer, Loyalty: Stories, Washburn, David
Kathryn Washington
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Andrea Weigl
Producer, Markay Media
David Weinstein
Senior Program Officer, NEH
Jackie Weissman
Director, Oregon Doc Camp, NW Documentary
Leah Welsh
Grants and Mentorship Program Manager, Southern Documentary Fund
Brooke Wentz
Seven Seas Music
James Wheaton
first amendment project/uc berkeley/stanford
Delbert Whetter
Producer & Head of Business Affairs / Board Member, Exodus Film Group
Dava Whisenant
Kristi Whisler
Director, Documentary Film & TV, Participant Media
Banker White
Mirabel Pictures | WeOwnTV
Jonathan White
Director of Operations and Fiscal Sponsorship, The Redford Center
Marco Williams
Filmmaker/Film Educator, Hiptruth Productions
Carly Willsie
Program Manager, Logan Nonfiction Program at the Carey Institute
carole wilson
CEO, High Wire Productions
Keith Wilson
BAVC National Mediamaker Fellowship
Frederick Wiseman
Director, Producer, Editor, Sound, Zipporah Films
Jenni Wolfson
Executive Director, Chicken & Egg Pictures
Femke Wolting
Colleen Wood
Producer, With Heart Productions, LLC
Julie Wyman
Producer/ Director, Professor, Cinema & Digital Media, UC Davis


Chi-hui Yang
Program Officer, Ford Foundation
Jin Yoo-Kim
Co-Producer, InterSection Films, LLC
Donald Young
Director of Programs, CAAM
Inaya Graciana Yusuf
Director/Producer, The One and The Many // Slow Your Roll Films


Mayye Zayed
Director/Producer, Rufy's Films
dayong zhao
Director/producer, Dayong films studio
Debra Zimmerman
Executive Director, Women Make Movies

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