Session Attendees - Pulling Back the Curtain*

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Ina Fichman
President/Producer, Intuitive Pictures
Helki Frantzen
Cinematographer, NA
Lucie Faulknor
Producer, Serendipity Films, LLC
Vicky Funari
Filmmaker / Educator, Filmmaker
Josh Freund
Director, Do U Want It?, ABIS Productions
David France
Director, Public Square Films
Violet Feng
Producer, Lost & Found Film Studio
Cathy R Fischer
Director/Producer, FischerCat Productions
Amber Fares
Director/Cinematographer, Independent Filmmaker
Ryan Ferguson
Director/Producer/Cinematographer , Flyback Productions


Doug Block
Director, Producer, Consultant/Coach (Copacetic Pictures); Founder, co-host (The D-Word), The D-Word
Maggie Bowman
Director of Programming, Getting Real, International Documentary Association
Christiane Badgley
Writer - Director - Editor
Danielle Beverly
Director / Producer / Professor, Petunia Productions
catherine butler
Documentary Writer / Producer, Butlerfilms LLC
Jeanine Butler
Director/Producer/Writer Non Fiction Entertainment , Butlerfilms LLC
Margaret Byrne
Director/Producer/DP, Beti Films, LLC
Rita Baghdadi
Director/Producer/Cinematographer, Lady & Bird Films
Brad Barber
Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Associate Professor
Thatcher Bean
Director, Cinematographer, MASS Design Group
Julia Bacha
Creative Director, Just Vision
Suzette Burton
Director and Producer, Concrete Dreams Productions L.L.C
Kate Brewer
Writer - Director , Knots Documentary
Sherien Barsoum
Filmmaker, Taza Media Inc.
Monika Bauerlein
CEO, Mother Jones
Robert Bahar
Director/Producer, Semilla Verde Productions, Ltd.
Rebecca Byerly
Producer/Director, Women of the Mountain
Julie Bridgham
Director, Producer, Butter Lamp Films
Barbara Bentree
Director / Producer, Jindojazz
Hanul Bahm
Filmmaker, Hanul Bahm


Erica Ginsberg
The D-Word / CineCitizen Media
Ginger Gentile
Director-Producer, Erasing Family Documentary
Genéa Gaudet
Director, Girlfight Pictures
Abby Ginzberg
Documentary Filmmaker, Berkeley Film Foundation
Roberta Grossman
Producer/Director, Katahdin Productions
Lyn Goldfarb
Director/Producer/Writer, Lyn Goldfarb Productions
Jen Gilomen
Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Forward Films, Collective of Documentary Women Cinematographers, New Day Films
amy goldstein
Director/Producer, Span Productions
Gwenaëlle Gobé
Animation Director
Ruth Gumnit
Director/Producer/Cinematographer, Marea Media
sam griffin
Producer, One With Salt Productions
Sandra Guthrie
Producer/Director, antennaFILMS
Sabrina Schmidt Gordon
Vespertine Films; Black Documentary Collective
Priscilla Gonzalez Sainz
Filmmaker , Chapman University
Renea Gavrilov Stewart
Producer, Pacific Islanders in Communications
Matthew Gossage
Producer, Hilltop Storytelling


Beth Levison
Producer, Documentary Producers Alliance // Hazel Pictures
Jonathan Goodman Levitt
Filmmaker, Changeworx
Dawn Logsdon
Director/Producer/Editor, SERENDIPITY FILMS
Kristin Lesko
Independent Producer
Brian J. Leitten
Producer/Director, Hyperion XIII Productions
Christine La Monte
Director/Producer/Writer, La Monte Productions
Alex Leff
Filmmaker, Ashbourne Films
Mira Lew
Lisa Leeman
Producer/Director/Writer, Loka Pala Films
Kayla LaCour
Mitch Levine
Director, AntiMatter Films/The Film Festival Group
Li Lu
Director/Producer, Time and Place
Ben Loeterman
Director/Producer/Writer, Ben Loeterman Productions, Inc


Cynthia Hill
Markay Media
Andrew Hinton
Filmmaker, Pilgrim Fiilms
Dee Hibbert-Jones
Living Condition LLC
Jim Havey
Producer/Director, HaveyPro Cinema
Stephanie Howard
Director/Producer, Core Issue Productions
Susan Haymer
360 Degree Communications
cathy hue
Documentary Journalist, Our Story Productions
Jennifer Huang
Director, Treeclimber Media
Julia Haslett
Filmmaker / Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill
Kathy Huang
Filmmaker / Educator
Bob Hercules
Producer/Director, Media Process Group
Sonja Henrici
Producer, Scottish Documentary Institute
Todd Hardesty
Editor, Camera, Affinityfilms, Inc.
Chelsea Hernandez
Untitled 19th* News Film
David Hambridge
Director, DP. Co-Producer, 'SUDAN: The Last Male Standing'
Emily Hong
Producer, Bad Feminists Making Films Podcast, Ethnocine Collective & Asian American Documentary Network
Karen Hori
Producer, Langley Productions / IDA
Rebecca Haimowitz
Director/Producer, NYU
Shana Hagan
Cinematographer / Director, 1967 Entertainment


Anayansi Prado
Documentary Filmmaker, Sanarte Films, LLC
Rachel Pikelny
Producer, Nyla Pictures / DPA
maria peek
Executive Producer/Director , Auroris Media
stephen peek
VP, Production, Auroris Media
Erin Palmquist
Director / Producer / Cinematographer, From Baghdad to The Bay
Juan Antonio Puyol
Anthony Pedone
Producer, Director, Programmer, Film Exchange
HyoJin Park
Filmmaker, Al Jazeera


Debra Zimmerman
Executive Director, Women Make Movies


Kristi Jacobson
Filmmaker, Catalyst Films
Marcia Jarmel
Director, Producer, Writer, PatchWorks Films
Talal Jabari
Creative Producer, Capture Productions
Romin Johnson
Producer, Liminal Films
Mohamed Jabaly
Director , JABALI Film
Chithra Jeyaram
Director/Editor, Real Talkies LLC
Graham Judd


Sara Terry
Director/Producer/Cinematographer, Mobile Movies LLC
Jennifer Townsend
Director/Producer, Far Beyond Film, LLC
Nomi Talisman
The Ringmaster of the S#!t Show, Living Condition LLC
Rustin Thompson
Filmmaker/Writer,, White Noise Productions
Michael Tuckman
mTuckman media, inc.
Kate Taverna
Prod/Dir/Editor, Films for Humanity
Jen Tate
Founder , Oregon Media Lab


Clare Major
Cinematographer/Director, Right Problems, LLC
Sara Maamouri
Maamouri Productions
Andrea Meller
Producer & Director, Migratory Patterns
Ani Mercedes
Looky Looky Pictures , Impact Producer
Sarah Megyesy
Director/Director of Photography, Spiral Bound Studios
Amanda Micheli
Director, Runaway Films
Carol Merrill-Mirsky
Director, "SIGRID"
Susan Margolin
Producer, St. Marks Productions
Leah Mahan
Producer/Director/Writer, Zamler Productions
Robb Moss
filmmaker, Harvard University, Dept. of Visual and Environmental Studies
Juan Mandelbaum
Producer/Director, Geovision


Michael Angelo
Director, A DocumenTree LLC
Jessica Anthony
Producer, Writer, Director, Three Frames
Brenda Avila
Watsonville Film Fest / New Day Films
Alan Adelson
Executive Director, Films for Humanity
Bridgette Auger
Director/DP, We Are Not Princesses


Mike Seely
Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Open Signal Productions
Marty Syjuco
Producer, Thoughtful Robot Productions
Thom Schultz
President, Group Productions
Joani Schultz
Producer, Group Productions
Joel Schroeder
Director & Editor, Freelance
Chris Simon
Director/Producer, Sageland Media
Jonathan Skurnik
Film Producer and Director, Skurnik Productions, LLC
Scott Sheppard
Director/Editor/Producer, Autorickshaw Pictures
Mikaela Shwer
Director, Portret Films
Amy Shatsky
Series Producer, Independent Lens / ITVS
Fran Sterling
Co-Founder and Partner, Blueshift Education
Nadia Shihab
Director/Producer, Jaddoland
Kate Schermerhorn
Director, Luna Park Productions
Faith Strongheart
Director, Brave People
Sidsel Siersted
Film producer, Danish Documentary Production
Ines Sommer
filmmaker I programmer I educator , Northwestern University
Tom Shepard
Producer/Director, Open Door Productions, LLC and Youth Documentary Academy
Daniel Smith
Veritas Art Pictures LLC
Melissa Beatriz
Co-founder/Journalist, ¡Presente! Media
Vishal Solanki
Director, Cinematographer,
Risé Sanders-Weir (she/her)
Director / Producer, Vagabond Moving Pictures
Iliana Sosa
Director , Borderchild Productions
Nicole Stott
Head of Development, Concordia Studio


Sharon Wood
Director/producer/writer, Cardamom Productions
Julie Wyman
Producer/ Director, Professor, Cinema & Digital Media, UC Davis
Marco Williams
Filmmaker/Film Educator, Hiptruth Productions
Producer, Loyalty: Stories, Washburn, David
Frederick Wiseman
Director, Producer, Editor, Sound, Zipporah Films
Delbert Whetter
Producer & Head of Business Affairs / Board Member, Exodus Film Group
Leah Welsh
Grants and Mentorship Program Manager, Southern Documentary Fund


Alysa Nahmias
Director/Producer, AJNA
Sara Needham
Producer, Filmpath LLC


Erika Cohn
Idle Wild Films
Matt Cipollone
Cinematographer, Producer, Editor
Camilla Calamandrei
Director/Producer, Rolling River Films
Heather Cassano
Director/Producer, Spin One Films
Emily Cohen Ibañez
Director/Producer, Reversa Films
Richard Cooper
Owner, Frostline Productions, Affinityfilms, Inc.
Almudena Carracedo
Director/Producer, Semilla Verde Productions Ltd.
Seonaid B. Campbell
Producer, Snake & Butterfly Studio


Sabine El Gemayel
Director & Editor, Zapped Productions
Audrey Emerson
Producer, Devlo Media
Keiko Elizabeth
Actor/Producer, A-Doc
Katja Esson
Writer, Director, Producer, Penelope Pictures


Paco de Onís
Executive Director - Executive Producer, Skylight
Sherry Daniel
Director, Producer, The Kindling Lab
Reid Davenport
Editor, Director, Podcast Host, Straw House Productions
Jamie Dobie
Executive Director, Peace is Loud
Sue Ding
Director/Producer, Freelance
Nicole Docta
Producer, Reticle Films


Pamela Yates
Senior Creative Director, Skylight
Inaya Graciana Yusuf
Director/Producer, The One and The Many // Slow Your Roll Films
Shuling Yong
Director/Cinematographer/Location Sound
Jin Yoo-Kim
Co-Producer, InterSection Films, LLC


nicole karsin
Director/ Producer , Todos Los Pueblos Productions
Karen Konicek
Executive Producer/Dir of Distribution, Zipporah Films, Inc.
Kathy Kieliszewski
Artistic Director, Photo and Video Director, producer, Freep Film Festival, Detroit Free Press
Sabereh Kashi
Co-founder, Woven Multimedia
Betsy Kalin
Producer/Director/Writer, Itchy Bee Productions
Kirsten Kelly
Director/Producer, Female
Suzanne Joe Kai
Daresha Kyi
Aideen Kane
VP Production, Producer
Sonia Kennebeck
Codebreaker Films
Peter Kerr
Producer, 1967 Entertainment


Bonnie Rich
Docs in Progress
Ann Rose
Let's Make Things
PJ Raval
Director/Producer, Unraval Pictures
Heidi Reinberg
Founder, Heidi Reinberg Big Idea, LLC
Natalie Ruiz Tofano
Producer, Freelance
Anu Rana
Kartemquin Films / Diverse Voices in Docs Coordinator , Isthmus Films
Anya Rous
Producer & Head of Partnerships, Multitude Films
Yuriko Romer
Flying Carp Productions
Kevin Ripp
Writer/Producer/Whatnot, K Ripp Content / Among Wolves


Moni Vargas
Nuyorktricity / BGDM
Anouchka van Riel
Producer, Span Productions


Ashley O'Shay
Director/Producer, Freelance Filmmaker/DCA
Willow O'Feral
Director/Producer/Cinematographer, Arming Sisters
Geoffrey O'Gara
Producer, The Content Lab


Doris Underwood
Producer/Writer, Buffalo Nickel Creative

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