Session Attendees - Therapeutic Interventions in Documentary*

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Marilyn Ness
Director / Producer, Big Mouth Productions
Justine Nagan
Executive Director/Executive Producer, American Documentary / POV & America ReFramed
Sara Needham
Producer, Filmpath LLC


Doug Block
Director, Producer, Consultant/Coach (Copacetic Pictures); Founder, co-host (The D-Word), The D-Word
Richard Berge
Filmmaker, Actual Films
Maggie Bowman
Director of Programming, Getting Real, International Documentary Association
Edgar Barens
Director, Feffer Films, LLC
Nick Brandestini
Director, Envi Films
Brad Barber
Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Associate Professor
alexandria bombach
Director, Cinematographer, Editor, RED REEL
Julia Bacha
Creative Director, Just Vision
Fera Byrd
Lead Producer, TrimTab Media
Jim Browne
Founder, Argot Pictures
Iyabo Boyd
Brown Girls Doc Mafia
Rebecca Byerly
Producer/Director, Women of the Mountain
Eli Brown
Producer/Director, The D-Word / Burst Films LLC
callie barlow
National Geographic Documentary Films


Anayansi Prado
Documentary Filmmaker, Sanarte Films, LLC
Rachel Pikelny
Producer, Nyla Pictures / DPA
Erin Palmquist
Director / Producer / Cinematographer, From Baghdad to The Bay
Andre Perez
Director, Desire Lines
Alessandra Pasquino
Producer , The One And The Many


Senain Kheshgi
Co-Founder, Managing Director, MAJORITY
nicole karsin
Director/ Producer , Todos Los Pueblos Productions
Michael Kinomoto
Supervising Producer, ITVS
Lance Kramer
Producer, Co-Founder, Meridian Hill Pictures
Lauren Kushner
Consultant , Early Bird Films
Sabereh Kashi
Co-founder, Woven Multimedia
Ann Kaneko
Director/producer, InterSection Films, LLC
Kirsten Kelly
Director/Producer, Female
Suzanne Joe Kai
Sonia Kennebeck
Codebreaker Films
Sarita Khurana


Stacey Woelfel
Director, Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism
Sharon Wood
Director/producer/writer, Cardamom Productions
Julie Wyman
Producer/ Director, Professor, Cinema & Digital Media, UC Davis
Andrew Walcott
Motion Imaging Director, NyghtFalcon West
carole wilson
CEO, High Wire Productions
Naomi Walker
Executive Director, Southern Documentary Fund
Chris Wallis
Director & Producer, Side Pocket Images
Colleen Wood
Producer, With Heart Productions, LLC
Paige Wood
Impact Producing Fellow, Firelight Media
Banker White
Mirabel Pictures | WeOwnTV
Jenni Wolfson
Executive Director, Chicken & Egg Pictures
Kristi Whisler
Director, Documentary Film & TV, Participant Media
Carly Willsie
Program Manager, Logan Nonfiction Program at the Carey Institute


Clare Major
Cinematographer/Director, Right Problems, LLC
Sara Maamouri
Maamouri Productions
Andrea Meller
Producer & Director, Migratory Patterns
Sarah Megyesy
Director/Director of Photography, Spiral Bound Studios
Deana Mitchell
Director, Director of Photography
Amanda Micheli
Director, Runaway Films
Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala
Producer, Call Her Ganda
Cambria Matlow
Filmmaker, Woodsrider Films
Leah Mahan
Producer/Director/Writer, Zamler Productions
Lena Macdonald
Director Producer, Ferocious Films


Mike Seely
Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Open Signal Productions
Marty Syjuco
Producer, Thoughtful Robot Productions
Erin Sorenson
President, Third Stage Consulting
Jonathan Skurnik
Film Producer and Director, Skurnik Productions, LLC
Shannon Service
Ghost Fleet
Scott Sheppard
Director/Editor/Producer, Autorickshaw Pictures
Maria Santos
Manager, Artist Support and Labs, Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program
Michèle Stephenson
Rada Film Group
Mikaela Shwer
Director, Portret Films
Amy Shatsky
Series Producer, Independent Lens / ITVS
Fran Sterling
Co-Founder and Partner, Blueshift Education
Nadia Shihab
Director/Producer, Jaddoland
Sidsel Siersted
Film producer, Danish Documentary Production
Dan Sadowsky
Editor, Alliance of Documentary Editors (ADE)
Sapana Sakya
Talent Development and Special Projects Manager, CAAM
Mike Shum
Mike Shum Productions
Soraya Sélène
Director/Cinematographer/Producer/Professor, Brown Girls Doc Mafia
Melissa Beatriz
Co-founder/Journalist, ¡Presente! Media
Vishal Solanki
Director, Cinematographer,
Paulina Suarez
Director , Ambulante


Lisa Dare
Assistant Editor/Editor/Researcher
Duong-Chi Do
Media Impact & Engagement Strategist
Nausheen Dadabhoy
Fellow, Firelight Media
Reid Davenport
Editor, Director, Podcast Host, Straw House Productions
Jamie Dobie
Executive Director, Peace is Loud
Helen De Michiel
Producer/Director, Thirty Leaves Production
Pulkit Datta
Producer, A-Doc / Independent Filmmaker
Nicole Docta
Producer, Reticle Films
Andrew DeWitt
Oovra Music


Andrew Hinton
Filmmaker, Pilgrim Fiilms
Dee Hibbert-Jones
Living Condition LLC
Nikki Heyman
Julia Haslett
Filmmaker / Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill
Kathy Huang
Filmmaker / Educator
Sonja Henrici
Producer, Scottish Documentary Institute
Holly Hardman
Gobbo Films, LLC
Christie Herring
Filmmaker, New Day Films & Campaign Productions
maggie holden
Co-Host, Bad Feminists Making Films Podcast , Al Jazeera / Rhiza Collective
Rebecca Haimowitz
Director/Producer, NYU
Alice Henty
Producer, Maylo Films
Brad Heck
Director/Producer/Cinematographer, Arming Sisters


Daniela Alatorre
Co-founder, No Ficcion
Bridgette Auger
Director/DP, We Are Not Princesses
mara adina
Creative Producer, Vernon Films


Erika Cohn
Idle Wild Films
Emily Cohen Ibañez
Director/Producer, Reversa Films
Janet Chen
A-Doc (Asian American Documentary Network) and UC Santa Cruz
Maria Caridad Clement
Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program
Isabel Castro
Concordia Studio
Marie-Helene Carleton
Filmmaker, Four Corners Media


Jonathan Goodman Levitt
Filmmaker, Changeworx
Rachael Lewis-Krisky
Multimedia Manager, 2U inc.
Lisa Leeman
Producer/Director/Writer, Loka Pala Films
Fiona Lawson-Baker
Executive Producer, Witness, Al Jazeera English
Eleni Ledezma
Associate Producer, Indigenous Showcase dba Longhouse Media
Loira Limbal
Director, Firelight Media
Ashley Lin
community member, A-Doc // BGDM
Ben Loeterman
Director/Producer/Writer, Ben Loeterman Productions, Inc


Nomi Talisman
The Ringmaster of the S#!t Show, Living Condition LLC
Leslie Tai
Director/Producer, How to Have an American Baby, Firelight Media
Rustin Thompson
Filmmaker/Writer,, White Noise Productions
Heather Tanning
Manager, Production Market Strategy, Getty Images


Jill Orschel
Ashley O'Shay
Director/Producer, Freelance Filmmaker/DCA
Willow O'Feral
Director/Producer/Cinematographer, Arming Sisters


Ariana Garfinkel
Producer, Carriage House Pictures
Chloe Gbai
POV Shorts & Streaming Producer, American Documentary | POV
Hala Gabriel
Producer/Director, Desert Wind Productions
amy goldstein
Director/Producer, Span Productions
Gabriella Garcia Pardo
Independent Cinematographer | Producer, Indepedent Filmmaker
sam griffin
Producer, One With Salt Productions
Sabrina Schmidt Gordon
Vespertine Films; Black Documentary Collective
Priscilla Gonzalez Sainz
Filmmaker , Chapman University
jaida grey eagle
Producer, Arming Sisters


Talal Jabari
Creative Producer, Capture Productions
Graham Judd


Skye Fitzgerald
Nonfiction DP/Director, Spin Film
David France
Director, Public Square Films
Violet Feng
Producer, Lost & Found Film Studio
Cathy R Fischer
Director/Producer, FischerCat Productions
Deirdre Fishel
Producer/Director, Mind's Eye Productions


Bonnie Rich
Docs in Progress
Ann Rose
Let's Make Things
Jess Ramirez
Ted Richane
Director, Engagement and Impact, Vulcan Productions


Moni Vargas
Nuyorktricity / BGDM
rose vincelli
Director of Operations, SVA - MFA Social Documentary Film
Danielle Varga
Producer, Walking Productions
David Vaisbord
B.C. Chapter Chair, Filmmaker, Documentary Organization of Canada
Anouchka van Riel
Producer, Span Productions


Patricia Zimmermann
Ithaca College/Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival


Alice Quinlan
Director of POV Engage, POV


Michael Ehrenzweig
Supervising Producer, ITVS


Jin Yoo-Kim
Co-Producer, InterSection Films, LLC

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