carole wilson

High Wire Productions

Carole Wilson comes to film production with a background in management consulting, public relations and fine arts. Currently, her company High Wire Productions has 3 projects in post-production: MYANMAR UNVEILED, a 60-minute documentary that follows the success of the award-winning documentary short MYANMAR YEAR ZERO; ROSHI a film about the controversial Zen master who brought Zen to the West in 1962; and SOKSTE RINPOCHE’s VISION, the saga of a revered Tibetan Buddhist lama living in Sikkim whose mission is to help nuns achieve equal education.''

Currently in production is a film about Maria Newman - consummate composer, violininst, mother of five, wife, and daughter of the legendary Alfred Newman and a member of the Newman musical dynasty.

 On RECONCILIATION: MANDELA’S MIRACLE (PBS/Warner Bros./ Netflix, 2010), Wilson was involved in every aspect of production in partnership with the late Michael Henry Wilson. She was the co-producer on CLINT EASTWOOD; A LIFE IN FILMS (Arte, 2007) and acted as a production consultant and graphic designer on IN SEARCH OF KUNDUN (Canal Plus, 1998). Her blog LIVING INBETWEEN YOUR THOUGHTS at is widely read in 72 countries around the world.