Paige Wood

Impact Producing Fellow
Firelight Media

Paige Wood is a producer, writer, and creative strategist. Born in Detroit and shaped by its surrounding suburbs, Paige uses film as her form of activism; working to produce both narrative and docu-style commercial projects that subvert and diversify the dominant narratives in today’s media landscape and elevate unheard voices within communities of color.

Having graduated from the University of Michigan with her B.A. in 2015 and her Masters in Business Management (M.M.) in 2016, Paige is currently working as a producer/co-writer on two narrative projects -- 'RIDING WITH AUNT D. DOT' and 'FEMME QUEEN CHRONICLES' -- sponsored by the Detroit Narrative Agency 2.0 and Allied Media Projects. Previously, Paige worked as the Lead Creative Producer at SAGA MKTG; working together with community stakeholders to develop impactful digital and televised video campaigns for nonprofits such as the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), Detroit Future City (DFC) and The Coalition on Temporary Shelter - Detroit (COTS).