Ann Kaneko

InterSection Films, LLC

Ann Kaneko is an independent filmmaker known for her personal films that weave her intimate aesthetic with the complex intricacies of political reality. Often involving subjects in other parts of the world, Kaneko poetically probes the intersection where power impacts the personal. Her films have screened internationally at numerous festivals, and she has been commissioned by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Getty Center. Her films include A Flicker in Eternity; Against the Grain: An Artist’s Survival Guide to Perú; Overstay and 100% Human Hair. She is currently producing Manzanar, Diverted, which looks at environmental justice in the Owens Valley. Kaneko has been a Fulbright and Japan Foundation Artist fellow and graduated with an MFA in film directing from UCLA. She is the artist mentor for Visual Communications’ Armed With a Camera fellowship and teaches Media Studies at Pitzer College. She is also a proud member of BGDM and A-Doc.