CB Smith-Dahl

Director, Camerawoman
Community Bridge Video

CB Smith-Dahl is disruptive. She started working in film at a time when women behind the scenes were expected to make coffee and type up scripts. She did neither. 

After learning photography and multi-camera soap opera production in an alternative high school, she worked as a camera assistant on music videos during college and began directing short films. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Ms. Smith-Dahl put her directing on hold for nearly a decade, while continuing to work on documentaries, low budget/indie film, and syndicated television as a Lighting Technician/Grip, Camerawoman and Director of Photography.  This work led to jobs as a Videographer and Writer/Director for red carpet/celebrity news outlets. She also had small roles on several award winning documentaries, including “Angola: Prison Rodeo” which was nominated for an Academy Award. Next, she had twin girls and started her own production company, Community Bridge Video. She’s directed, lit & lensed hundreds of educational and promotional videos for government agencies, non-profits, and small businesses. She has a BA from Spelman College and MFA from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Ms. Smith-Dahl does drink coffee. Daily. Makes it for herself. 

She’s has worked as a Director of Photography and/or Camerawoman on these recent documentaries. 

CB Smith-Dahl is currently in post-production on a documentary, The WO-Doc, about a street in Oakland, California as it's developed and (re)developed over the course of 75 years.