Faye Miller

Producer and Writer/Researcher
Faye Miller, Ph.D has published high impact research and produced media exploring how people interact with and experience many different forms of information and knowledge in physical and digital spaces. In 2016, Faye released her first documentary short film as producer, writer and editor, IMAGINATIVE STORYTELLING EXPERIENCES. 

The film features interviews with British actor and writer Sir Tony Robinson and a collection of his original audience members across the UK and Australia, as they revisited his award winning 1980s ITV program “Tales from Fat Tulip's Garden” in London. The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival reviewed the film as “visually stylistic… offers some lovely imagery… quite emotive… filming and editing are very well crafted that align perfectly with storytelling.” 

Faye is currently producing and writing her first feature length documentary THE SOCIAL MEDIA PARADOX, with Fiscal Sponsorship provided by the International Documentary Association. The film will explore extreme social media use within the electronic dance music world and its potential for damage while seeking alternative pathways to creative success.