Talal Jabari

Creative Producer
Capture Productions

I have a passion for making meaningful and entertaining documentary films. And I've worn several hats in making nearly 3 dozen films in my 15-year career. And I'm proud that films I have directed, produced and DP'ed have won numerous festival awards as well as been broadcast worldwide on major television networks and online platforms. 

As a Palestinian-American filmmaker, many of the films I have worked on have been about the plight of my people. But I've also worked on a variety of scientific and entertainment-sector documentaries as well.  

I'm currently producing two feature documentaries: Tantura (working title), the personal story of discovery by one woman (the director) of how she and her family ended up as refugees. And Tattoo Mike: The Illustrated Man (working title), a film about New York City as experienced by the most tattooed man on earth in the 80's and 90's, his art and his struggle with his sexuality.

A multi-linguist, I have worked extensively in the Middle East, Sub-saharan Africa, Eastern and Western Europe as well as North America. And I currently live in NY.