Skye Fitzgerald

Nonfiction DP/Director
Spin Film

Skye Fitzgerald, DIRECTOR/DP

Skye Fitzgerald was recently inducted as an honorary member into SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society) for his work with Syrian refugees and named a Distinguished Alumnus at his alma mater, Eastern Oregon University, for documentary work. 

Named a Fulbright Research Scholar to produce the film Bombhunters, Fitzgerald has collaborated or received support from the Sundance Institute, the U.S. Institute of Peace, the State Department and the Paul Robeson Fund. As a Director of Photography Fitzgerald has lensed work throughout the world for Dateline NBC, VICE News, Mercy Corps, CNN, the Discovery, Travel and History Channels and most recently shot an entire season of the new Animal Planet show Amanda to the Rescue. 

Fitzgerald recently produced 101 Seconds, a film about the American gun debate and LIFEBOAT, a film documenting Search and Rescue operations off the coast of Libya. His last film, 50 Feet from Syria, which focused on doctors working on the Syrian border, was voted onto the Oscar shortlist. More info at: