CJ Hunt

Firelight Media
CJ Hunt is directing his first feature length film: Neutral Ground, a documentary about monuments and why it's so hard to break up with the Confederacy. 

As a resident of New Orleans, CJ began filming in 2015 when the city council voted to remove four confederate-era monuments. He kept the camera rolling through the ensuing three year battle punctuated by death threats to contractors, a car bomb, midnight removals, and the influx of armed alt-right protesters debuting the tactics that would prove fatal in Charlottesville. All the while, CJ kept asking the question: all this for a statue? The film is a journey through the Lost Cause on a quest to find out how the relics of a losing army came to be known as "our history," and what activists, cities, and historians should do with the left-overs of a bad romance we've never been honest about.   

CJ Hunt is a field producer for
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He has been a field producer for BET's The Rundown with Robin Thede and a staff writer for A&E's Black and White. He believes satire is one of the best tools for exposing the absurdity of white supremacy.