Bill Brummel

Bill Brummel Productions
Bill Brummel is an award-winning documentary producer, director and writer. He and his films have been recognized with a Peabody Award, five national Emmy nominations, as well as two International Documentary Association awards. His current film “Can You Hear My Voice?” chronicles the one-of-a-kind Shout at Cancer choir in the UK, whose members have all had their voice boxes removed, as they prepare for their most ambitious concert - a sold-out performance at London’s historic Tabernacle theater. The film includes songs popularized by Nina Simone, Tears for Fears, and Louis Armstrong. Along the way, choir members’ cancer stories unfold, revealing their struggles with self-identity, self-doubt, and loss. Far from maudlin, “Can You Hear My Voice?” bears witness to the power of music, and is a triumphant testimony illuminating a universal theme - the human capacity for resilience in the face of overwhelming adversity. Produced and directed by Bill Brummel, his first film since having his own voice box removed in 2016, due to the long-term damage caused by radiation treatments he underwent 22 years ago. “Can You Hear My Voice?” kicks off its film festival run with a U.S premiere at the Nashville Film Festival (October 1-7, 2020) in the Music Feature Documentary Competition and the Heartland International Film Festival (October 8-18, 2020) where it’s one of five feature documentary finalists. Currently seeking distribution.