Andre Perez

America in Transition
André is a mixed race oral historian, educator, filmmaker, and community organizer whose work centers collaborative storytelling with marginalized communities. He founded the Transgender Oral History Project in 2007, co-founded a transitional home for LGBTQ youth in 2012, and served as Director of Marketing and Communications in 2016. After recording 500 interviews as part of StoryCorps, including 50 broadcasted segments, he was named one of the voices that will change the face of public media by the Association of Independent Radio in 2015. In 2016, he appeared on NewCity’s 50 influential filmmakers in Chicago and premiered his first docu series, Been T/Here, on OpenTV Beta.

Inspired by completing Doc Society's Queer Social Impact Producer Lab, Perez is interested in meeting future collaborators and is looking to work with a filmmaker to develop their social impact campaign. André is currently in post-production on America in Transition, a Sundance-backed documentary series and community engagement campaign exploring community, family, and social issues for trans people of color across the country.