Shaheen Haq

Kali Films
Shaheen formally joined Kali Films in 2009 where she has been working on developing content, writing, production and producing. Shaheen produced the documentary Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth and was directly involved in structuring international co-productions, raising finance with international broadcasters and investors to all aspects of production, post-production and deliverables to distribution. Shaheen’s film collaboration with Pratibha began as Production Designer on Pratibha’s early films Emergence, Sari Red, Re Framing Aids, Memory Pictures, Bhangra Jig, Double the Trouble Twice The Fun, Khush, A Place of Rage, and Warrior Marks. Shaheen trained and worked as an Architect, Project Manager, and CEO for over 25 years in the UK Construction Industry and she brings with her this discipline, rigour and expertise to documentary filmmaking.