Gretchen Landau

Drop of Water Entertainment

Gretchen, producer and marketing specialist - producing documentary and narrative films over the past 7 years. In July (2016), she served as production supervisor for Academy Award winner, Francis Ford Coppola's experimental film workshop, DISTANT VISION. Producing credits include a series of short films (BAD FOR THE BOATS, Ben Lear, THE MORNING AFTER, Joe Boothe) with producing partners Mindy Cohn and Michael Allen (2017), the documentary FOLK (2013) directed by Sara Terry and FEMINISTS: What were they thinking? with director Johanna Demetrakas - soon to be streaming on NETFLIX. Landau is developing several new film and television projects with director Christopher N Rowley (Bonneville, Molly Moon) for Drop of Water Productions. She is the co-founder of Impact Squared Productions, a social media marketing company geared towards the arts and entertainment industry. Previously, Gretchen was a media sales and marketing strategist for pop culture giants Disney, ABC, ESPN and MTV. In the early '90's she began her career as an on-air music radio personality and then went on to start the nation’s first Spanish Talk Radio network.