Amada Torruella

Filmmaker (Director/Producer) + Programmer

Amada Torruella is a Central American filmmaker (Director/Producer/DP), community storyteller and film curator with 7 years of programming experience in the independent film festival circuit, based between El Salvador and Los Angeles. Displaced with her family during the Salvadoran civil war, Amada's work is driven by the healing of our migration wounds, environmental justice, visual literacy and culture making with an emphasis on collaboration and experimentation. As someone striving to dismantle borders and their constraints, not only on our geo-policies but on our creativity, imaginations and geographies as well, Amada explores collective memory, intergenerational trauma, tropical identities and the Global South. Her work has been featured at the Blackstar Film Festival, the New Orleans Film Festival, The Skirball Cultural Center, amongst others. She is a member of Brown Girls Doc Mafia and she’s VONA Voices alumni.