David Hambridge

Director, DP. Co-Producer
'SUDAN: The Last Male Standing'

David is an Emmy® nominated cinematographer and award-winning commercial/doc filmmaker based in the US.  He is currently the director for 'SUDAN' The Last Male Standing' which he began filming in Nanyuki Kenya in 2014.  

For many years David filmed with the rhino caretakers closest to 'Sudan', the last male northern white rhino who passed away earlier this year in March of 2018. As a verité filmmaker, David chose a rather unorthodox approach when dealing with extinction, focusing on the Kenyan rhino characters who surrounded Sudan for years up to his final breath.  His goal was always to empower their voices and expose their character traits, flaws, and charm during profound moments of love & loss. Upon developing mutual trust and exclusive access with these three characters, David wanted to tell this story by focusing on the universal truths we all share as humans creating a livelihood and relationship that surrounds an animal teetering on the edge of extinction.  

David believes that the loss to extinction should not only be witnessed by the world through verité storytelling, but it should be felt.  With Sudan the film, David wants audiences to actually experience what extinction feels like for the first time.  And hopefully the last.