John Dickie

Moronga Films
Award-winning Scottish-Mexican filmmaker. Has produced and directed observational, character-driven films in a dozen countries, on subjects like drug trafficking, migration, mezcal and turtle eggs. First feature was El Diablo y La Nota Roja (2008), a searing black comedy documentary about a crime reporter in provincial Mexico. In 2013, travelled clandestine to Sudan to make Eyes of Nuba for Al Jazeera English, about the forgotten war in the Nuba Mountains, nominated for the Rory Peck award. In 2018, completed and released his first fiction feature, Moronga ("Black Pudding"), a surreal western set in southern Mexico starring Matt O'Leary and Kristyan Ferrer. Also dabbles in VR and 360. Lives on a ranchito in the Sierra Madre where he tends to crops, writes, and sips mezcal.