Michael Gassert

Michael J. Gassert (a.k.a. "MikeSound") is a New York-based sound artist, producer, director, and musician working at the intersections of film and music.

As an engineer, he's traveled the world archiving a wide array of sound. From the Rif Mountains of North Africa to the Caribbean Mosquito Coast, Gassert has reveled in the diversity of our global cultural treasures. Whether he's recording the sunrise prayer sung from a Minaret in Beirut or weaving ghaita melodies of Moroccan Masters, Michael's ear leads him across eclectic soundscapes of identity and time.

Gassert has further distinguished himself as both producer and recording/mix engineer. Notably, he produced 2009's The Master Musicians of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar "Live Vol. 1" as well as 2011's "Mango", hosting the music of celebrated Nicaraguan balladeer, Mango Ghost. Guitarist, bassist, synthesist and producer for the Brooklyn electronic duo, Sky Prison, Mike is also a savvy sound-maker himself.

As one of New York City's top resident sound mixers, Gassert also keeps very busy in the film and television industries. Recently he engineered the film, "Jason Moran: Looks of a Lot", documenting the acclaimed jazz musician in performance across the country. Other notable film credits include the celebrated movies, "Beasts of the Southern Wild" and "Another Earth".

In 2014, Gassert began producing and co-directing 
"The Last Out", a feature length documentary film about a group of Cuban immigrant/baseball players who are pushed to their limits as they flee their homeland, leaving their families behind, and risk everything to chase their dreams of making it to the Major Leagues.