Darcy McKinnon

Community Impact Program / Executive Director

Darcy McKinnon is a filmmaker, educator and community arts organizer. Her previous work includes running a television station staffed by high school students in Oakland, CA, producing documentaries, working as a public school teacher, and in documentary film and commercial production.  Her previous  documentary work includes "Live, Nude, Girls, UNITE!" (2000), and co-producing the POV feature documentary "Maquilapolis: City of Factories", which focused on the struggle of Tijuana working women in the assembly factories along the US/Mexico border.

Since 2012, she’s been the Executive Director of NOVAC, the Gulf South's oldest community media arts nonprofit, responsible for shepherding short documentary content focused on local social issues as well as coordinating community media education programs region-wide. Under her leadership, NOVAC has become a statewide leader in both youth media programming and film and tv workforce development, with program models nationally replicated in partnership with studios including HBO, Warner Bros and Paramount.  In the state of Louisiana, NOVAC is a state and local partner in workforce development programs that cultivate career opportunities in production for a diverse set of residents, through training, soft skills and production on the job learning placements. Through the HBO Community Impact PA Program, NOVAC has supported the placement of over 90 production assistants from diverse backgrounds all over the country, from Los Angeles and New York to Chicago, Miami, rural Arkansas and more. The model developed in partnership with HBO has been replicated at Warner Bros., and on productions from Amazon Studios, Paramount and Hulu.

Along with Elaine McMillion-Sheldon, she is a co-founder of All Y'all, the Southern Documentary Collective. McKinnon is currently in production on three documentary projects: as a producer on "Neutral Ground," with CJ Hunt, about the confederate monument controversy, in development and pre-production on Nailah Jefferson's "Commuted", and in distribution with Ben Simmons’ “Animals”.