Jennifer Humke

Senior Program Officer
MacArthur Foundation
Jennifer Humke is a Senior Program Officer for MacArthur's Journalism and Media Program. Through her grantmaking in Participatory Civic Media, she funds organizations and activities that encourage and train individuals and groups, particularly young people and those from historically marginalized communities, to use participatory media tools, platforms and practices to contribute to public dialogue and help shape culture and policy. Prior to joining the Media and Journalism team in late 2015, she was a Program Officer for MacArthur's Digital Media and Learning Program, a 10-year, $200 million initiative aimed at re-imagining learning for the digital age. Earlier in her career, she worked with an international human rights NGO in East Africa where she helped prepare the first primary research report on women and war in Uganda, and she spent two years at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. She earned a BA in German Literature and International Affairs from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MA in International Development and Journalism from the American University.