Will Parrinello

Mill Valley Film Group

Will Parrinello (Producer / Director) has created more than 100 films about environmentalism as part of the multiple Emmy award winning PBS series, The New Environmentalists, narrated by Robert RedfordHis other producing/directing credits include Movies Around the World, a short film for the 2017 Oscars broadcast,  Mustang – Journey of Transformation, narrated by Richard Gere;  Dreaming of Tibet;  Emile Norman - By His Own Design and Little Italy.   

I am currently making a feature documentary film about gold mining...

about the U.S., Canadian and Chinese companies conducting huge mining operations in Latin America...

mines that could generate billions but are also threatening to destroy the environment, the land and in particular the WATER that local people depend on to survive.

I have been following three very brave local indigenous people -- two women and one man -- who are battling these gold mines to defend their rights in three countries: El Salvador, Honduras and Peru.  

At great risk to their lives, they have led big campaigns to protect their drinking water and sacred land. Some of them have been very successful in blocking the mines. Others are still struggling. 

All three are environmental heroes -- all have won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize. 

One of them -- Berta Careers -- was murdered in Honduras.  The trial of her accused killers has just begun.

I have been following this story for eight years. My team and I -- including our colleagues in Latin America -- have great access to these stories and have established close, trusting relationships with these indigenous leaders and their movements. We have shot hours of beautiful and dramatic footage, including clashes with the mining  companies, the police and army.

I am looking for funds to complete the feature film -- one more filming trip to Latin America and for the editing & post-production.

It's a big story about environmental justice -- about people willing to stand up to big foreign companies -- and it's time to tell these stories before it's too late.

Parrinello also co-produced and edited Kerouac; A Yen For Baseball and Sumo Basho. His director of photography credits include the Academy Award nominated feature documentary Tell the Truth & Run - George Seldes and the AmericanPress; In the Light of Reverence (editor too); A Literary Friendship and Standing on Sacred Ground.  www.mvfg.com