Christine Leuthold l

C Insight Group

A brand and messaging strategist, Christine has worked with global corporations, non-profits, start-ups and educational institutions in the US, China, Europe and South Africa. Her professional signature is best described as ‘soft spoken wisdom’ focused to achieve brand-aligned, cohesive growth.

Based in LA and New York, Christine has lived on three continents, serving on staff, as a consultant and as a trusted advisor to organizations including Ralph Lauren Corporation, The Perrier Group, Chase/J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, SCAD, Georgetown University, The Center for Civil and Human Rights, The New York Special Olympics, Film Forum and Communities in Schools.

Christine is currently developing a global initiative focused on corporate character,, peace and reconciliation. She also is Co-Director of The Esalen Inspirational Film Festival and a member of the team of Real World Explorations, which connects middle and high school students to college and vocational career opportunities.