Nomi Talisman

The Ringmaster of the S#!t Show
Living Condition LLC

Nomi Talisman is an award winning independent filmmaker and artist, based in San Francisco. Her short film Last Day pf Freedom (2015) was nominated for an Academy Award, won an Emmy and the International Documentary Association (IDA) Best Short. Her work was supported by a Guggenheim Fellowship, NEA grant, Cal Humanities Documentary Project Grant, Creative Work Fund and others, and was screened and exhibited internationally. For her work on Last Day of Freedom, Talisman was awarded a California Public Defenders Association Gideon Award, for support to indigent minorities, and a United States Congressional Black Caucus Veterans Braintrust Award in recognition for her outstanding national commitment to civil rights and social justice. Talisman is also the recipient of Dukes’ Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) Filmmaker Award.

Talisman’s professional work with legal mitigation specialists enabled her to build relationships of trust with the prisoners and families whose stories are at the heart of her animated documentary films