Vicky Funari

Filmmaker / Educator

Vicky Funari is a documentary filmmaker and teacher.  Her films include MAQUILÁPOLIS (2006), a look at globalization through the eyes of Mexican factory workers; PAULINA (1998), about a resilient woman who redefines herself after having been trafficked as a child; LIVE NUDE GIRLS UNITE! (2000), about the first strippers’ union in the US; and SKIN-ES-THE-SI-A (1994), about gender codes in peep shows and performance art.  Funari is committed to co-creative, community-oriented processes that keep the work useful to its protagonists and that maximize its real-world impact.  Her current project is POOL STORIES (working title), in post-production, a multiplatform doc on healthy aging, community, and ladies in a pool.  She is a Senior Lecturer of Visual Studies at Haverford College.